Benefits of dedicated transportation

Dedicated transportation improves service and value thus giving shippers a competitive edge. Since you won’t have the stresses of securing available carriers, checking authority, insurance and rates, you’ll have all the time to narrow your concentration and focus on the real concerns of your enterprise and clients. Battalion Logistics’ extensive expertise, firm commitment to safety, and best in the industry owner operators and fleets realize you optimum service performance.

Shippers also seek to secure dedicated carriers because many carriers utilize the latest tracking technology, giving them access to the status of their freights. At Battalion Logistics LLC, our professional owner operators, and fleet owners use advanced technology that directly links to our easily accessible central logistics command center.

If you’re a shipper, the key to determining the most profitable option lies in closely working with a qualified freight broker or 3PL firm whose primary goal is to boost your business’ performance, increase efficiency and minimize overhead costs. Through alliances, shippers and dedicated carriers can become true business partners that provide premium solutions that achieve quality and excellence.