Why Do Shippers Secure Dedicated Carriers?

Dedicated Contract Carriage is business model that’s been around for about a century. This shipping model targets shippers who want to enjoy the benefits of a private truck fleet, but without the accompanying attendant headaches. The demand for this service arrangement has continued to increase over the years, with many carriers even having to double their fleet capacity to meet the high demand.

Dedicated trucking service helps shippers reduce overhead costs. Your company provides comprehensive door-to-door supply chain services while transferring the operational hassles to a 3PL freight broker like Battalion Logistics LLC —hugely reducing your overall distribution costs. As the shipper actually, you’re only cost are usually, miles the tractor trailers, flatbeds, refrigerated trailers, reefers, and van trailers cover, and occasional detention cost. Your company enjoys a turnkey trucking solution. Why not turn over the entire load matching and verification activities of your company to Battalion Logistics? Let us remove all of your truck maintenance or load matching, insurance and staffing costs and help your company’s bottom line.

Moreover, dedicated contract carriage enables shippers to negotiate with a 3PL for a specific LTL and FTL capacity. In a dedicated capacity arrangement, your company won’t have to worry about securing adequate amount of trucks during peak seasons. Dedicated carriers assure and supply sufficient available capacity to our dedicated transport clients. Get a free, no-obligation quote on your upcoming shipment contact our team at Phone (931) 422-8825.