Nationwide Freight Broker & Dispatch Services

Battalion Logistics LLC provides freight broker services that arrange safe and on-time delivery for all cargo in our charge. As a leading provider of on-demand trucking and LTL fulfillment services, we take pride in offering innovative freight logistics solutions to our shippers. Serving the needs of our customers each and every day, our bonded and insured company delivers effective brokerage, fleet dispatch, and distribution solutions. By finding the drivers for your load, we make everything very easy for you.

Moving Your Freight

114274380Our brokers take a dedicated approach to moving freight. Our services range from moving refrigerated freight from Florida to northeastern states, to moving supermarket equipment from California and Texas for export to the Caribbean. Wherever you need your freight moved, we will get it there safely.

Dispatching Truckers

Through our fleet dispatch services, we partner with a network of professional truckers to meet all of your freight delivery needs. Our truckers all have specialized equipment and trucks needed for any cargo delivery, as well as a proven safety record.

Reliable Owner Operators Wanted

114276019If you are a trucker, we have freight delivery loads available to keep you on the road. Our fleet dispatch communicates with you daily for freight pickups and deliveries. We also make sure you have time at home to spend with your family. Please reach out to us at (931) 422-8825 for more information.

We recommend scheduling nationwide dispatch services with a minimum of 12 hours in advanced notice.